Opinion - CRAFT / by Ben Hay

Announced back at NAB, this camera caught my attention. Primarily it was the form factor, which still many months later makes my mouth water. It's a fantastic concept...but I'm starting to think a concept is all it could be.

Firstly, any company that asks you to make a 'reservation' on a product is either not being bankrolled seriously or is simply out to scam. Investors know how competitive the camera market is and I can't imagine they're going to be lining up to invest in a project such as this, but still if this project is as revolutionary as they claim...someone with some serious money out there would be interested?

Secondly, there's a few design flaws. The camera settings interface is on the wrong side for the operator, all the leads exit camera side, and the tilt and swivel screen comes out the back? It all seems a little...worrying for a professional grade camera.

Thirdly, the utter lack of any kind of confirmed specs. This matters. A LOT. You can say what you like, but until professional camera consumers see either confirmed specifications or sample footage, their wallets will remain tightly closed.

Keep in mind, the claims specifications put this camera up against the FS7, CION, black magic 4K amongst others. These are hardly small players in the camera world.

To make matters worse, they're claimed release date co-insides with the release of the Panasonic GH5, a highly anticipated follow up to the GH4 which already has confirmed 4.2.2 10bit internal capture and no 4k crop.

I want this camera to work out. I love the handle, I love the ergonomics and I love the claimed specs...but I can't help but think this will remain nothing more than a concept. And what a concept it is.

The system is modular, allowing for multiple set ups.

The system is modular, allowing for multiple set ups.