'Andrew Barton Air Brush'

Role: Shooting Director



'Babyliss Men's Social Media'

Role: Shooting Director

Brief: The breif was to create a series fashion films that demonstrated the key features of the shaving range whilst remaining short, engaging and retaining the brand identity


'Babyliss Style Hacks'

Role: Shooting Director

Breif: The challange here was to take fairly long process and simplify it down to a 15 second edit whilst remaining true to the process and product...no easy feat. The answer, as ever lay in simplicty.



Role: Cinematographer & Editor

Brief: Moving image editorial shoot for submission


Shiruba Tree 2015

Role: Cinematographer & Editor

Brief: Short 'about' film for Shiruba Tree, a small independent brand based in Kent. Key to the concept was demonstrating the handmade and small scale process, with an emphasis on the crafting aspect of jewellery production.


Without Prejudice 2015

Role: Cinematographer & Editor

Brief: Lookbook/online Campaign for the London based clothing company.  Shot on location in Southend On Sea.


Guide London 2016

Role: Cinematographer & Editor

Breif: Lookbook/online campaign for Guide Clothing.